Timothy Tiah

Executive Director of Colony

Timothy Tiah established Netccentric in 2007 with the launch of a blog advertising company Nuffnang. Netccentric is a digital media business operating in the digital advertising sector across multiple geographies including Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Philippines, Thailand, China and the U.K.

Netccentric provides advertisers with an innovative platform to connect advertisers with publishers and social influencers to promote their products and services. Upon leaving the management team at Netccentric in 2016, Timothy went on to raise RM8 million to start Colony, a new co-working space in Kuala Lumpur with a capacity of an estimated 300 seats. The first location is situated at the heart of KL at Jalan Kia Peng with future locations to be spread out around Klang Valley.

He was nominated by Businessweek as one of the best 25 best young Asian entrepreneurs in 2007 and was the only Malaysian as well the youngest nominee at the age of 23 on the list. Timothy went on to win several other prestigious awards, such as the JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award in 2009 and the Ernst and Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Malaysia in 2015.

Timothy has a Bachelor of Science in Economics from University College, London. Timothy is also a prolific blogger and writes at http://timothytiah.com. You can also follow him on Instagram @timtiah and Twitter @timothytiah.